“If you don’t think about your future, you are not going to have it”


Industrial engineering and product engineering

In the scenario in which companies live today, where competition is global and more powerful than ever, the way to make your company stand out is based on two keys:

Improving its products, and optimizing resources and production processes.

In meilav we open our arms to walk that path together. We are specialists in the development of mechanical engineering projects. We help your company to create new products, and we manufacture the special industrial machinery and / or the tools you require for your production.

Perhaps we don’t know all about our future yet, but it is enough to realize that there is much to do.

Start building it right now!


Stand out against your competitors

We provide our technological knowledge and a methodology in project development to create an innovative and groundbreaking product, suitable for industrialization.

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Optimize your productivity

We develop custom-made tools, machines and lines automating critical phases of its production process, which will allow you to optimize your resources while improving the quality obtained.

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Custom-made solutions

We manufacture custom-made automatic lines and tools, or adapt your machinery to incorporate improvements and new automatisms to your production process.

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Theory and practice with a single partner

To validate the proposed concepts, we build at our own factory the prototypes of the products that we have developed.

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Autonomous teams for one-time jobs

We have our own equipments that are at customer’s service.

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Industrial sectors