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R&D for the electronics industry

In Meilav we accumulate an extensive experience in working with electronic industry companies, in the development of manual assembly tools and component automatic assembly and inspection machines.

Balls Dosage
Cavities Cut-inside thermosealing
Cavities Leaking control (leak test)
Printed circuit Assembly + welding tools
Glue Inspection application of continuous glue bead
Electronic component Pressing manual tools
Plugs Automatic assembly line
Car sun visor shaft Handling and assembly
Tags Handling
Aluminum profiles Assembly tools + aluminum profiles clipping
Plastic (automotive components) Automatic assembly
Plastic (automotive components) Push buttons draft control
Plastic (automotive components) Torque control of rotational bodies
Plastic (automotive components) Visual contour inspection
Plastic (automotive components) Continuity check with electrical elements
Plastic (automotive components) Manual assembly tools
Plastic container Component assembly
Robot Banks
Metal brackets (automotive components) Verification tools

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