Comprehensive industrial engineering service

We offer a comprehensive industrial engineering service, customized to the needs of your company.

Meilav was born from the union of two great companies. One with a long history in national industrial projects, and the other with strong expertise in innovation and technology.

  • MEIDINN, established in 2004, is a mechanical engineering firm dedicated to the execution of innovative projects in product development, applying new technologies and resource optimization.
  • LAVSA, established in 1987, specializes in engineering for the design of special machinery.

After an extensive track record and over 35 years of combined experience in the industrial sector, in January 2014, both engineering firms merged into a single company, complementing their services and creating the brand «MEILAV» and the entity MEIDINN & LAVSA, S.L.

Servicio integral de ingeniería industrial Meilav
Servicio integral de ingeniería industrial Meilav

In 2017, the company accquired the entity Talleres Ingeniería Mecánica. The merger of both entities marked the beginning of a new phase, enhancing the RubberMat®  brand by leveraging synergies between the companies, resulting in the two current brands. RubberMat® focuses on the design and manufacture of machinery for the rubber and derivates sector, while Meilav®, specializes in the design and manufacture of special machinery and automation for various industrial sectors (pharmaceutical, meat processing, automotive, etc.).

In 2023, the company expanded its facilities and relocated to a new location in Balenyà (Barcelona).

With this expansion, the company strenthened various areas, particularly electrical engineering and manufacturing. Today, the company boasts a highly experienced team across multiple sectors, positioning us as one of the leading companies in our field. This potential and capability stem from the integration of all necessary activities for the development of our projects.

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