We offer a full mechanical engineering service, adapting ourselves to the needs of your company.

In meilav we work in constant innovation to provide a complete service of engineering to the companies, from the idea to the finished product.

For us, each project is unique, and therefore it is developed custom-made and according to the customer’s needs.

This involves the challenge to define constantly the relationship with the customer, but allows us to ensure maximum efficiency, the optimization of tasks, a fluid and permanent information between all parts and, thanks to this, the success of the project.

All our products and services are made with the latest technologies and comply with PRL, LOPDA and CE regulations.

A brief history of our firm

MEIDINN & LAVSA, S.L. (MEILAV) sets up after the fusion of two companies:

  • MEIDINN, set up in 2004, a mechanical engineering dedicated to the implementation of projects “custom-made” in the area of product development.
  • LAVSA, founded in 1987, specialist in engineering for the design of special machinery.

After a long career and an experience accumulated of over 35 years in the industrial sector, in January 2014 both engineering companies become a single company, complementing their services.

Fabricacion de maquinas especiales
Fabricacion de maquinas especiales
Mecanizado e ingenieria de piezas
Meilav Barcelona
meilav is set up with the aim of strengthening their expertise and supporting their customers while facing the new challenges of the industry.