Fully pneumatic machine for cutting fiber panels

MEILAV broadens its range of semiautomatic 100% pneumatic machines -this is an interesting low cost solution for those applications that require simple handling/processing operations- with a new machine for cutting fiber panels in flat format from coils.

We consider it is interesting to show this specific solution as it could be used in similar products/processes of the industry.

In the following list, you will find the details of the last project performed in the field of cutting panels from coils. A photo of this project is attached on the top.

  • Cutting technology used: interchangeable double cutter in a crossed shape.
  • Driven technology: pneumatic actuators with a pneumatic logical and regulation control.
  • Feeding with fiber coils disposed on a semi cylindrical bed. Pulling and precision positioning is made manually with a guided sled.
  • Portico sled with accuracy guidance with no overlap of the working table.

In this last project, performed for cutting fiber panels from coils, a simple solution has been developed with a double pressing head and a cutting head, both with pneumatic actuators. Fiber coil is pulled by means of a portico sled with an accuracy guidance device. This solution ensures a reliable positioning and squaring of the cut panels.

This project of special machinery with a 100% of pneumatic drive applied for cutting fiber panels from coils, has allowed to our customer to automate a hard operation with a very low cost of investment, a solution developed based on their needs.

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