Rotary sensor touchless technology transmissive for high vibration applications

meilav has tested with success the replacement of conventional mechanical rotary sensors used for axle positioning control in high vibrating applications by rotary sensor touchless technology transmissive.

The use of conventional mechanical rotary sensors in high vibrating environments carries two serious problems in the short term: A fast deterioration of the inner tracks and a loss of precision in the measurements.

In the list below, it is shown the main characteristics of the rotary sensor touchless technology transmissive as a replace part for the conventional potenciometers:

  • Parts: housing with electronics inside + marker with magnet inside
  • Repeatability: 0,1º
  • Mechanical travel: 360º continuous
  • Vibration: to 2000 Hz
  • Protection class: IP67

This kind of potentiometer has been used by MEILAV to replace conventional potentiometers for measuring axle position in several gluing lines with high vibration. Obviously, rotary sensor touchless technology transmissive can also be used in new machines, not only for those with hard vibration requirements but also for those special machines located in environments with high grade of humidity and/or dust.

Wear free feature is one of the main advantages of this type of sensors from our point of view. This fact means an unlimited mechanical life.

Regarding electronics, the replacement of one conventional mechanical potentiometer by a new rotary sensor touchless technology transmissive is fully compatible. It is only necessary a voltage supply for the sensor which is a common supply delivered in the most of electrical cupboards in industrial machines.

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